Welcome to WAHMs Rock! Premium, the premium membership program tailored to moms (and other women) who are building a work at home business.  WAHMs Rock! Premium is a great opportunity to learn proven techniques for your at home business including:

  • Being more productive
  • Marketing an at home business
  • Mitigating challenges
  • Special situations (homeschool, young kids at home, etc)
  • Confidence
  • Work/Life Balance and
  • Much more!
As a member you’ll have access to:
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A with Jen or Darlene
  • Your business, featured on a blog post on WAHMsRock.com
  • Monthly Business Worksheet or Checklist
  • 2 WAHMs Rock! Mini Pod Sessions each month
  • Early bird notification for quarterly masterclasses plus 25% off registration

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