Hello and welcome to WAHMs Rock! We are Darlene and Jenifer.  We are both work at home moms with over 10 years of professional work at home experience. From diapers to desks, we’re here to help you maneuver through your work at home journey.

WAHMs Rock is a platform aimed at creating a community of guidance and support for work at home moms.

Pssst….WAHMs Rock! is all inclusive and open to all women who work from home. While many of our discussions are aimed at work at home moms, we’ll also share our experiences and the challenges of working at home that don’t have anything in particular to do with being moms. So if you’re a woman, working from home with kids, furbabies or no babies, feel free to join. We’re glad to have you!

Our accompanying podcast, WAHMs Rock! The Podcast,  provides tips, resources, and information for busy women maneuvering a work at home mom life, that rocks. Both the Facebook Group and Podcast are served up with a side of fun and humor.

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